Hand-Made Urns

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** Please Read :) **

Urn shape/designs are fixed but you may request an urn to be painted or stained a specific color scheme.

All urns are custom MADE TO ORDER! with a variety of wood. Hand painted or stained. We try to finish as fast as possible, however wood working is not something that you really want to rush. You can expect your Urn to be finished within 2 - 4 weeks.

When ordering a specific urn - we need to know the species of animal as well as the weight of the animal or the cremated remains as the size of the urn may need to be altered for larger pets to accommodate the ashes.

Names can be added as well as the Date of Birth/Date of Death if requested.

Please message us with specifications.

Urn Style Cyrix: This is the "Cyrix" it is Sapele wood, hand carved. 6.5 in tall, 5 in wide and 2 in deep. Small to medium dog - paw print can be changed to resemble a cat. This design can only be done with hard wood such as sapelle or cedar.

Urn Style Meegs: This is the "Meegs" it is 6.5 tall 4.5 wide and 2 in deep and made of Sapele. This can be made smaller as ashes for birds are smaller or it can be used for a small dog/cat only.

Urn Style Bailey: This is the "Bailey" for a bunny ❤ 6 in tall 3 in wide 2.5 deep. Paint colors can be changed but design will not be altered.

Urn Style BunBun: This is "Bunbun" 7 in tall 5.5 in wide 3 deep. Specifically for bunnies only. Colors can be changed

Urn Style Kittykondo: This is the "Kittykondo" 5.5 tall 4 in wide 2 in deep. Hand carved into Sapele. Name can be added anywhere.

Urn Style Dancer: This is the "Dancer" ❤ 7 in tall 4 in wide 3 in deep. Hand carved to highlight the wings. Colors can be changed. Birds/bunny/sm cat