About Us

Treasure – a noun describing something precious or valuable to us.  The animals in our lives are very precious to us and we place a value on their health, care, and continue to love them even after they leave us.

Nest – a noun but also a verb. It is a safe place to house those special animals in our life, nurture and shelter them and keep them safe.

Treasures Nest – where every animal is important and cherished and the owners are treated with respect.

As a family involved with rescue for over 20 years, we have a special interest in those animals who are given second chances at new lives.  With experience in having almost every species live in our home at some time, we know first hand what they like, what’s dangerous and how to keep them happy and safe.

The animals that have graced our lives are the inspiration for this store and the toys and items available.  We work hard to design toys that encourage play, provide enrichment and bring them joy!

While our specialty is exotic parrots, we do have various items for all critters in your life that you call family.

Our custom paintings of all exotic species are a special gift to someone you love, or to celebrate the remembrance of a special companion who has passed away.  

We support animal rescue organizations and a portion of net profits will be donated to various local animal rescues in the Calgary area.