Treasures Blend Seed mixes

Our Treasures Blend of seed mixes have been formulated and produced over the course of the past 15 + years.

Most commercial seed mixes contain words such as "fortified", "vitamin enriched" and use alot of other big words/ingredients that make you wonder what is really in there.

As many birds coming in to rescue were seed junkies, we needed to find a way to encourage them to eat healthy thus improving their overall health, feather condition and allowing them to still have a treat without all the added fillers in commercial food.

We found commercial mixes had dried beans/pasta/fruit/colors and pellets that we do not feed our flock and had to pick through the bag and take half of the ingredients out.  Or to our dismay, we would open a bag and it would be old and musty.

Our seed mixes are made weekly and NOT packaged until purchased. The ingredients are human grade and not fortified, dyed, or enriched in any way - they are 100% natural and most are organic.

Seed mixes can also be customized to what YOUR parrot likes or dislikes.  This is not something any other store can offer.

If you have any questions, please let us know.